Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wise Words on the 'War on Drugs'

Caroline Chatwin, a drugs policy expert at the University of Kent, said that while it was important for people such as Ainsworth to publicise their support for changes to British drug policy, "it remains regrettable that this public support is unable to be offered by those in a current frontline position".

She added: "Ainsworth states that he is only able to express these views now that he no longer occupies a front line position and Cameron seems to have abandoned his own relatively liberal standpoint on this issue now that he is prime minister. While this suppression of the opinion of those in power continues to be the case, Britain will not be able to participate in an open and honest debate on this subject and will not be able to effect a much needed evidence-based policy."

Unequal power and personal gain, are not suitable bedfellows of democracy.
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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas no1.

This needs to be number one, just because you've lost, doesn't mean you can't shout.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Spontaneous Combustion

Christmas is almost here, and in appropriate fashion with what started to be a day of Christmas songs, Christmas shopping, and Christmas food; turned out to be an opportunity to stand up to the BNP, which is always good fun!

The ever lovely Peter Tierney of local Liverpool infamy appeared in the rain, shaking a bell rather like a figure from a Christmas Carol; that is if one was to ignore the vast quantities of bile and venom that is so clearly coursing through his veins so much it runs the risk of bursting through the pores...

There's nothing like a bit of shouting in the middle of the pouring rain, and surrounded by shoppers to cheer you up - I really feel like I did something with my day!

Oh, and I was able to shout my first Communist insult today! Addressed to a man, who had a problem with racism, he conceded (vaguely) that all races are equal... buuuuuut... the gays with their Aids, and the Commies, well, there's the real issue.

'As if you have any wealth to redistribute!'

Well, it impressed a middle-aged Socialist man, who said it was 'intelligent and funny!'
That's me. ha.

Oh, and to anyone who's interested, I'm trying to upload some of my poetry - but html is as understandable as Japanese to me, and apparently, indenting is tricky! If anyone knows a good trick to deal with this, leave a comment!