Friday, 22 October 2010

Wisdom on gender relations

For the thankfully brief time spent watching Loose Women today, as I scrambled for the remote, I came across these truly inspiring words by the irrepressible Carol McGiffin. Such insight and sensitive feminist intellectual prowess, the likes of which would make Ann Oakley weep; behold!

'I think all you have to understand about men is that they're very simple...and I don'.. *laugh*.. no no, they... And I really don't mean that in a derogatory way, I don't mean they are sim-ple-TONS, I mean they are simple be-ings! Yes they are very easily pleased, they don't ask for much, they don't talk about much... eee ah it's truuue!

Kate Thornton: 'In defence of Cheryl Carol, I don't think her Ashley was that easily pleased..'

Carol Mc Giffin:'No no I understand why you can't understand why men do certain things that they do, but as a as a sort of a, generally, speaking generally, I think they are quite easy to please, and you don't have to understand them, just as long as you understand that you'll never, men and women are never going to understand each other, then surely life, would be so much easier! What, Let's stop trying to work each other out, you don't have to, just get on with it! Don't you think? *round of applause* *shrugs shoulders*: I mean I love men. I've got a weekend Saturday where I'm going to be surrounded by men and boys and on Sunday it's all women, but I you know, I know that it'll be easier on Saturday than Sunday, Women are far more complicated than men.'
Cilla Black: 'Oh I agree with that. Oh I'm much easier with men, I prefer men. I love men!

Well then it's settled, we shouldn't try to understand each other, men are less moody, more simple, women overcomplicate, women friends are not as good as male friends. Hey I've got a great tip, just let men walk all over you to clean their shoes; they're so easily pleased, if it's what they like, let them have their way!
Thank you ITV for inspiring me!

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  1. Could have been worse. Imagine if you were watching ITN. JEEZ.

    Love, your brother xxx

    p.s. excellent writing. moi moi grande.